Raw Dog Food Recipe from Greystone Farm

Some Thoughts on Feeding Raw Dog Food: 


It is less expensive to feed whole, raw food to your dogs than it is to feed them pricey top-of-the-line processed food. Really! I have done the math. I recently saw a tube of pasteurized dog food in the refrigerator of the local pet store selling for $10.00 a pound!. It does not have as much variety of ingredients as my recipe. My recipe costs about a $1.25 a pound if I buy all the ingredients. We have a farm and garden and I grow much of the food so I pay less than that.

Of course you have to spend the time to make it. It takes me about six hours from start to finish to make 200 pounds of food. One month's worth for our four 50 pound dogs. You can divide or multiply the recipe to make whatever amount you need. If you have the time, equipment and are willing to put forth the effort you can feed top quality food for a lot less expense.

I do NOT feed any processed food to our dogs. Why? Because when they eat a Home Made Raw Diet they have brilliant health. By "brilliant" I mean that they are very energetic, their coats gleam, their eyes are bright and they literally glow. I never saw that when they ate processed food. Even if you feed SOME processed food with your Home Made Raw you will not see a big improvement in the health of your dogs. I am not sure why this is but I have observed the results since 1989.

I have been feeding nothing but whole food to my dogs for the last 20 years. During that time I have seen improvement in the health of the dogs in my care.

Does this mean I never have to take a dog to the Vet? Of course not! They get expert Veterinary care whenever they need it. However this does not happen often!

  Nothing in this recipe is by chance. Everything that is included is included because I found it necessary to do so. Please read the whole recipe all the way through before starting in. This Recipe represents 26 years of trial and error. Makes it easier for you! That being said, I accept no blame or congratulations for any decision you make about what to feed your dogs. This Recipe is for your information only.


I have always fed some raw meat to my dogs. It was only when I completely stopped feeding processed food that I saw a huge improvement in the health of my dogs.


That point is worth repeating. It was not until I completely stopped feeding processed foods that I saw a huge improvement in the condition of my dogs! Processed foods are the problem, and yes, I tried pretty much every brand out there. Sooner or later ALL of them caused problems. However there are now many premium processed diets that are composed very close to my recipe! I find this rather gratifying. I started 3 decades ago and the food companies have gradually changed their recipes to create grain-free and vegetable/meat blends. Of course they are still "processed". I suspect some of these newer grain free brands are far better than the old, cheap grain filled "dog foods" of ten/twenty years ago. I do have reservations about feeding dog food with white potato as a major ingredient. This feels "wrong". I can't say why it feels wrong but I do not feed white potato to dogs. As for the really inexpensive foods with corn - well..  I would not put it on my compost pile much less feed it to a dog!


It took many years and a lot of chronic low grade illness and declining lifespans in my dogs to finally convince me to take a leap of faith and stop feeding commercial dog food. The thought scared me. I assumed that the scientists and nutritionists knew way more than I could ever know about a "Good Diet" for dogs. Now I know that they really didn't! Processed dog food is the result of food processing companies needing something to do with the left overs from creating processed people food. We all know that processed food for people is not very good. How could it be good for our dogs?


I am not a scientist or a nutritionist. I am an Artist, a Gardener and a Professionally Observant Person. ( True!. I got paid to observe things.) I suspect that whole foods are what a physical body needs to stay healthy. Processed food suffers from the "process" of creating it. High heat and chemicals to keep it from spoiling combine to make a product that is very un-healthy over the long term.

I have never had a dog or puppy get sick from eating raw food. Ever. Not once. Not in 30 years. Stop and think. Bacteria are on everything - including processed dog food - and if most dogs are able to eat "cat snacks" from the litter box with no ill effects than most dogs can certainly handle raw meat! On the other hand, how many times have you heard of dogs getting sick or dead from processed food? Any re-calls come to mind?


The Health Problems that I have seen a raw food diet cure are many: spay incontinence, idiopathic seizure disorder, chronic ear problems, skin disorders, flea issues (fleas don't seem to like raw fed dogs), lethargy, joint soreness, parasite load, thin dull coat, excessive shedding, feces eating, pancreatitis, inflamed paws and improved longevity.

 Does it cure everything? Of course not!  Will it keep your dogs living a longer, healthier life? Probably. It certainly keeps mine healthier. Your results will depend on how well you learn and apply the skills. You must learn to be observant and actually see what is really going on. Not what you want to see, or think you see - but what is really there You need to be ready to change what you are feeding when the animal needs something different.


It really is not that difficult. It sounds harder than it is. The whole exercise can be turned over to your unconscious intuition. Do some research and then just trust yourself.


You will need a grinder and eventually a mixer. You will want a freezer unless you plan to make food every other day. I do not always use every single ingredient in the Recipe every time I mix up a batch of food. It depends on the availability of the ingredients. We live on a farm and have a big garden and my husband hunts and fishes. Our lifestyle certainly makes it easier to make dog food. I have used road killed deer for dog food many times. Cultivate a friend in the local sheriff's department for access to road killed deer. I also buy cases of chicken leg quarters and grind them up bone and all.


So exactly what do I feed?


Greystone Farm Basic Raw Dog Food Recipe:


160 pounds of meat and bones: This is usually chicken or venison. It is good to change the type of meat you feed from time to time. I have not had good results feeding pork. Grind the meat and bones with a medium/coarse blade. I have a huge 32 throat grinder that I bought from Cabela's. Expensive, but worth it. It can grind up a chicken leg quarter with no problem. You can use a small cheap one from Walmart. I did for years. You will probably need to whack up the bones with a cleaver first if you use a small grinder.


10 pounds of organ meat: Beef or venison, heart, tripe, liver, or kidney. Most dogs do not like raw chicken liver but you can add it cooked. Grind the organ meat separately from the meat and bones.


5 pounds or more of fish gunk if you can get it: My husband catches nice clean fish from Cayuga Lake and we save the heads, backs, and tails after the fish are filleted. I grind the fish and bake it. Not all my dogs will eat raw fish so I bake it before adding a scoop to each mixing bowl of dog food. Be careful where you get fish. Most fish are contaminated. Check the DEC test results for your area.


Fruits and Vegetables: Yes, you do need to add them! Don't believe some of the stuff you read about dogs only needing meat. NOT TRUE! Add the fruit and vegetables. This is why I grind the meat - so it mixes with the fruits and veggies. Use at least 10 different kinds per batch. Hint: If you have a really itchy dog with skin issues feed more greens and a lot less "sweet" roots.

I do not use all these ingredients in every batch. Depends on what is growing at the time. Try to have at least 10 different fruits and vegetables.


One number 10 can of carrots - finely ground in a blender.


One number 10 can of beets - finely ground in a blender.


Put the beets and carrots in your big container and add fresh vegetables finely blended with just enough water to process. Enough to fill up a 5 gallon kettle and a smaller 2 gallon kettle. I use swiss chard, spinach, celery, cucumber, green beans, canned garbanzo beans, yellow beans, peas, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, red, yellow or orange peppers (not green), summer squash and zucchini. If you use sweet potato or winter squash bake it first. I grow most of this in my garden.


Fruit can be apples, pears, blueberries, pineapple, blackberries or raspberries. Use only ripe fruit. Organic is best if you can get it. I use about 8 cups of fruit. Finely blend them and add to the vegetables to make up your 5 gallons.

Kelp is Ok. Don't overdo it. Two tablespoons in the batch is plenty. Be careful with flax seed oil. Not real good for most dogs. There is plenty of fat in the meat. You don't need to add oil.

Did you notice that no grain is included in this recipe? I went "grain free" in 1997 way before the dog food companies caught on. I remember catching a lot of flack about it from people who thought I was totally wrong.  Hah!


Secret Ingredients: Yes, these are important!   Whizz them in the blender with just enough water to process and then add to the 5/7 gallons of fruit and vegetable mix and stir it up.


2 Tablespoons of fresh mint leaves.


1 cup of papaya. I use dried papaya that I soak in water for a few hours. If you can get it fresh - use that! Papaya and pineapple are loaded with enzymes that help to break down the food. 


2 Tablespoons of raw ground ginger root.


3 Tablespoons of Mineral/Himalayan salt.


1/3 cup of raw cider vinegar. The good stuff with the "Mother".


4 Fat cloves of crushed home grown garlic. Add a few more cloves if all you can get is the wimpy store stuff. If you have flea problems make sure you always use garlic.


4 or 5 lemons, peeled. If you use organic lemons you can add one of the peels. Not to much as it tastes bitter. Lemon is anti bacterial.

10 drops of liquid Iodine. The nutritional kind. NOT the sort that you put on cuts!


Now it is time to mix it up.


Add 6 parts meat/bone to 2.5 parts vegetable/fruit/secret ingredient and 1/2 part organ meat. Add 1/2 part fish gunk if you have it.   I use my stand mixer to mix the food bit by bit and then I put it in containers to freeze.


I add a good multivitamin/mineral mix to the food when I feed the dogs. I use A.B.C.'s G.R.P (www.abcplus.biz) I also add a raw egg yolk from our free range hens once a day. Don't feed raw egg white.


If you don't need 200 pounds of Dog food at once you can just divide the recipe to make the amount you want.