Who we are at Greystone


My name is Stefani Woodams and I live at Greystone Farm in Freeville NY with my husband Bill and our Farm Collies Rose, Ivy and Merry Jan. Ian is our Parti Colored Standard Poodle. We also have a flock of chickens.

Greystone is an "extended family farm". My sister and her family live on part of the farm, my cousin and her family live on another part of the farm and our son and his family bought part of the land from my youngest sister and built a beautiful house right up the hill!

My mother grew up here. Then she and my dad raised me and my 5 siblings here. Then Bill and I raised our 4 kids, and now our son is raising his family here.  This is certainly the Family Homestead.

Freeville is in the beautiful Fingerlakes Region of New York State which is famous for it's wineries, talented artists,Cornell University and of course, Ithaca College. New York State is a big place and it takes us 5 and 1/2 hours if we want to drive to New York City. We like the country so we don't go there very often. I do like the museums in the city and visit now and then.

When my grandparents owned the farm in the 30's they raised many kinds of crops and animals. It was a real working farm then. Of course times have changed and making a living on a small stony farm is almost impossible now. Most of the family farms around us have either been gobbled up by developers, grown up to brush and woodlots or added to bigger farms. Property taxes and overhead costs are so high in comparison to profit from farming that many farmers have had to sell out. Sad, but reality.

 It is necessary to have off farm income to be able to continue to live here and of course we produce what we can by raising a big garden, hunting, cutting lumber and making Art Work.

 The country is a great place to live and work but not always easy!

Here is our house in the winter. Cozy! 


Do you see the big spruce trees behind the house? I helped to plant them with my father, brother and uncle in 1959. Now they are big enough to mill into lumber.

We just planted 100 more baby trees last spring. Hopefully my grandchildren will be here to mill them in 40 years!